The PSR of the Lombardy Region (Rural Development Program) is a seven-year program of European funding that arises from Regulation (EU) No. 1305/2013. The program is now the most important source of contributions and support for Lombard agricultural and forestry entrepreneurs. Thanks to the RDP, agricultural and forestry entrepreneurs can carry out projects and investments for the improvement of their companies and the Lombard agro-forestry sector. The 2014-2020 RDP provides a total of € 1,142,697,124.30. The entire program can be consulted and downloaded in the attachment.

The aim of the Program is to strengthen the agricultural and forestry sector by pursuing 3 transversal objectives [art. 4 Reg. (EU) 1305/2013]:

The objectives to be pursued with support for rural development are divided into 6 action priorities for the 2014-2020 RDP:
• training and innovation;
• competitiveness and income;
• agri-food chain and risk management;
• ecosystems;
• efficient use of resources and climate change;
• economic and social development of rural areas.

The Program provides for the activation of 60 Operations representing the types of support offered by the 2014-2020 RDP. The Operations are in turn associated with 39 Sub-Measures and 14 Measures. The Operations are activated through the calls approved by the Directorate General for Agriculture of the Lombardy Region.

In the calls it is explained in detail:
• who can apply;
• what is financed;
• how much is the contribution worth;
• the conditions and limits for requesting the loan;
• the times and methods for submitting the application.


7-year duration of the RDP
1.142 billion euros available for the Lombardy RDP
3 transversal objectives in the agricultural and forestry fields given by the European Union
6 intervention priorities of the Program
15 specific objectives of the Program (Focus Area)
14 intervention lines activated in Lombardy (Measures)
60 possibilities of support (Operations)
40,000 and more potential beneficiaries in Lombardy