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taking place on 30th May at 5PM CEST.

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About this webinar

Leader of the Socioeconomic Resilience Thematic Working Group, Kees De Roest, will be joined by experts Carlo Bisaglia, Massimo Brambilla, Paolo Rossi, Ambra Motta, Aldo Calcante and Francesco Maria Tangorra for this webinar focusing on:

1. The available technologies for the automation of Total Mixed Rations – TMR.
Carlo Bisaglia & Massimo Brambilla. CREA, Italy. Presenter: Massimo Brambilla
2. Introduction of automatic systems for TMR in stable buildings.
Paolo Ross &, Ambra Motta. CRPA, Italy. Presenter: Ambra Motta
3. Energy aspects as indicators of sustainability.
Aldo Calcante & Francesco Maria Tangorra. University of Milan, Italy. Presenter: Aldo Calcante

The Autofeed project targets the diffusion of automatic feeding systems (AFS) for dairy and beef production. It focuses on the reference market, on the suitability of the different housing models for animal farming that base on the conventional mixing wagon, and the comparison of ex-ante and ex-post situations following the purchase of an AFS.