Agricultural Society Giovannini Galdino e Pecchini Drusilla s.s.

Via Campione, 2 – 46031 Bagnolo San Vito (MN) – Italia

The agricultural farm is specialized in the cultivation of corn and the breeding of dairy cows (300 lactating heads) for drinking milk and cheese making (Grana Padano).


The Giovannini Galdino and Pecchini Drusilla farm is the figure that plays a tester role in the transition from traditional ration management to automatic feeding systems.

The data obtained will highlight the quantity of milk and its quality, giving useful information about the variations of casein fluctuations before and after the installation of an AFS.


Animals grow in free stall barn under a conventional management system.

The ration distribution occurs with a self-propelled rotary mixing wagon with a volume of 26 m3, equipped with a silage cutter. After distribution, the ration is constantly accosted to the foraging line by a forage pushing robot covering all the cribs, including the external paddock ones (not used from November to March due to the cold).

Soon after the project’s beginning, the company bought an automatic feeding distribution system (AFS).