Agricultural Society FATTORIA GINESTRA of Bettoni Adonis e Angelo s.s.

Via Gorla, 37 – 22076 Mozzate CO – Italia

The farm is specialized in the production of drinking milk and dairy production.


The Ginestra farm will act as reference farm: under the management point of view, it represents the companies’ ordinary nature that produces milk in Lombardy. Therefore, the remarks that will be made will allow creating a reference benchmark for the subsequent assessment and evaluation of the effects resulting from introducing automatic device for feeding cattle.


Animals grow in free stall barn under a conventional management system.

The farmers always measure the distributed ration; however, they also have, as an aleatory variable, the amount of water that changes with time and varying the ration component.

The distribution of the ration occurs twice daily with a towed mixing wagon. The ration’s rapprochement follows this operation in the foraging line made seven times a day with a self-propelled hay-pushing machine.