The project “Feeding automation for cattle farms in Lombardy AUTOFEED)”, funded by the Lombardy Region in the framework of SUBMEASURE 16.1 – “Support for the establishment and for the management of EIP Operative Group in the topic of agriculture’s productivity and sustainability” of the Rural Development Program 2014-2020, has started on September 2019.
The Treviglio’s Office of CREA – Research Centre for Engineering and Agro-Food Processing is the project leader, and the CRPA Studies and Research Foundation is responsible for studies on animal housing and the transfer and the disclosure of the results. The partnership includes five dairy and beef cattle farms, where different automatic device for feeding the animals will be installed.
AUTOFEED, which has started in September 2019, is a “Farm management” project. It aims at improving the dairy and beef cattle’s welfare that result in an improved quality and sustainability of their production thanks to the adoption of mechanized and automatic devices for feeding administering.



BovINE is an EU funded thematic network project focused on knowledge exchange to help address the challenges and drive the sustainability of the European beef farming sector and its community.

The project is connecting with farmers across Europe by providing an open platform – the BovINE Knowledge Hub (BKH)  – where beef farmers, advisers, member organisations and researchers can exchange knowledge and share experiences to drive awareness and adoption on farm of innovative and proven practices.