Agricultural Society Pieve di Nodari Gualtiero e C. s.s.

Via Cascina Pieve – 25013 Carpenedolo (BS) – Italia

The farm is specialized in the breeding of beef bulls


The Pieve farm is the partner that has an automatic feeding system (recently upgraded).

The monitoring activities carried out on the two ways of feeding management will allow comparing, on the one hand, the economic and work organization aspects, on the other hand, they will give useful information on the growth of the animals based on the different management of the ration.


Animals grow in boxes varying in number according to the breed and growth state.

The farm has two barns; in the former, the ration distribution occurs employing an automatic feeding system (here, the management system modulates the ration based on the size and breed of the animals). In the latter, animal feeding is made using a conventional mixing wagon.