The Directorate General for Agriculture, with decree no. 2951 of 2 March 2018, published in the Official Bulletin of the Lombardy Region (BURL) ordinary series no. 10 of 8 March 2018, approved the implementing provisions for the submission of applications relating to Operation 16.1.01 “PEI Operational Groups” of the 2014-2020 Rural Development Program of Lombardy, establishing a financial endowment of € 9,000,000.00.

The call promotes the creation of Operational Groups (GO), in the context of Measure 16 “Cooperation”, and supports the implementation of their projects. GOs are partnerships that carry out an innovation project to seize new opportunities and / or solve particular problems with reference to the objectives of the European Partnership for Innovation in Agriculture (PEI AGRI).

The Operation is implemented throughout the region, in the sectors relating to agricultural and agri-food products listed in Annex I of the Treaty of the European Union, with the exclusion of the fishing sector. The Transaction supports the following actions:
Coordination, partnership management, participation costs in the IEP network;
implementation of the innovative project;
transfer of results.

The implementing provisions provide for the selection through two phases: Phase 1 – proposal to set up the GO.
The subject who is a candidate to become the leader of the future GO presents the project idea, that is a proposal that briefly illustrates the starting problem, the idea of ​​solution / opportunity to be seized.

Phase 2 – executive project of the GO
Proposals that have passed the first selection phase must be detailed in a project. Expenses for the first phase equal to a lump sum of € 5,000.00 will be paid to the proposer of the aggregation whose project, in the second phase, has been assessed as eligible for funding. The projects have a maximum duration of 36 months.